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Glamping Tents by:  Davis Tents -  

Electric & Power by:  Puckett Electric   (859) 797-1839

Plumbing and septic by:    Will Keith   (859) 398-0220

Site Contractor & Bathhouse by:  Nick Rose - CTG Contracting Group  (859) 421-6586 

Camp Design & Decor by:     Sally Arthur

Property Caretaker & Cleaning by:    Teresa (859) 749-9247

Truly a Team Effort!

This entire project from beginning to end was truly a team effort.  Everyone brought their own creativity, ideas, and special skills to the table to make it what it is today.  This labor of love did not just end when we officially opened for business on November 3, 2021.  This is only the beginning.  Our design and property team (Sally & Teresa) will bring even more beautiful designs and concepts in early spring 2022. So what I'm saying is... Cabin & Canvas will only get better as time goes on!


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